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Qing Zhong, Gao

Qing Zhong has many years of experience in strategic planning in the IT and CT industry, including at Huawei. He was responsible for an incubator center and is an angel investor in several well-known blockchain projects. Master’s degree in computer science from Shanghai Jiaotong University, majoring in artificial intelligence.

Jun, Liu

Chief architect in big data and artificial intelligence, with 10+ years of work experience in the internet and finance industry. Jun previously led a number of large technology projects in a wide range of industries including fintech, big data and A.I., and previously worked for Tencent, specifically in data mining and analysis. Jun graduated with a Master’s degree from Shanghai Jiaotong University, majoring in artificial intelligence.

Dr. Jinda, Lin

Dr. Lin started his academic career at Nanjing University and got his PhD at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, followed by post doctoral studies in physics at the University of East Carolina. His research focused on A.I. models and the application of A.I. to system control, biological imaging, and data analysis.


Roger Pottier

Roger has a Master's degree in parallel and distributed computing from ENSEIRB-MATMECA. With more than 5 years of international working experience and experience in various computer science fields, research and development for NoSQL database design, full stack web developer and DevOps.

Dr. Fubiao, Xia

Dr. Xia started his academic career in software engineering at Fudan University, before pursuing a Master’s in computer security followed by a PhD in computer science at the University of Birmingham, specializing in applied cryptography. He was previously responsible for various computer security and privacy-related development projects, including the security of healthcare and patient data at Philips Research China.


Bin, Liu

Bin graduated from Shanghai University of Finance and Economics with a Ph.D. in investment economics. Long term engagement in financial research for Shanghai Decision Making Advisory Board, focusing on financial technology, blockchain and artificial intelligence development.


Robin graduated from Tongji University with a master's degree in computer science and worked for big data research and development in Baidu.He has a deep understanding of the Internet and financial technology industries, is familiar with the technology of automatic operation, and is committed to promoting the operation technology of the blockchain industry.


Pin Pin, Zhu

Pin Pin Zhu is the founder and CEO of Xiaoi. A recognized expert and innovator in the field of A.I. with several patented applications.

Zhou Dong, Ji

Blockchain expert, Deputy Secretary of the Blockchain Forum for the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

Shi Xin, Chen

Co-founder and COO of Ahaschool, Master’s degree in Computer Science from SJTU. 18 years’ experience in internet startups, strategic planning, operation, product management, and technology areas.

Song, Li

Co-founder and CTO of Seattle-based Sky Science and Technology, white hat hacker. In his 15-year career, Li Song is committed to the study of large-scale software and internet systems, including compilers, virtual machines and global-scale web services.

Hai Wu, He

iExec Co-founder, blockchain entrepreneur and researcher; Ph.D. Professor at the Computer Network Information Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences.



Co-founded by Xiao Lai, Li and Laomao, focused on the incubation of blockchain-related projects.

QTUM Foundation

QTUM Foundation

Long Qing Capital

Long Qing Capital

iExec Foundation

iExec Foundation

YOYOW Foundation

YOYOW Foundation

Jia Ling, Liu (bitcrab)

Famous for being one of the earliest Chinese blockchain evangelist and investor; founding member of BitAngelsClub. Early investor in BitShares and Ethereum; committee member of BitShares.

Eric Gu

Founder of Metaverse, Bitcoin Lifetime Member, CEO of ViewFin.

Qiang Liu

BitShares evangelist, founder of HelloBTS community, founder of YOYOW project.

Feng, Han

Tutor of iCenter, Qing Hua University; Secretary of Asia DACA Blockchain Association; well-known blockchain evangelist.

Dr. Huang Butian

Founder and CEO of Yunphant; PhD degree from Zhejiang University. Has more than 10 years of R&D experience; member of IEEE, ACM, and China Computer Society.

In addition to this, there are many other early investors whom have not been listed, including public-listed company principals, traditional VC partners, corporate executives, crypto community KOLs, and blockchain technology experts and investors.