• Q: Why did the business structure change?

    A: The public blockchain project and overseas business of Atmatrix.org has been merged with ATN’s ecosystem. It is now operating under the structure of the ATN foundation, which is registered in Singapore.

  • Q: Did ATN do an ICO?

    A: No, ATN did not undertaken an ICO. Funding was secured through private seed investors.

  • Q: What are the plans for ATN token distribution?

    A: Tokens for early supporters and angels have already been distributed, while private sale round #1 is currently underway. Community rewards are distributed on a rolling basis. Please see the token page for a detailed breakdown.

  • Q: Which exchanges can ATN tokens be traded on?

    A: ATN is currently traded on big.one, allcoin.com, gdex.io, aex.com, hotbit.io. More details can be found on CoinMarketCap. At the meantime, we are in discussion with more exchanges regarding listing the ATN token.

  • Q: Which wallets can ATN be stored in?

    A: ATN is ERC20 compatible token on Ethereum blockchain. Please store ATN in an Ethereum wallet at present.

  • Q: What is the smart contract address of ATN?

    A: Smart contract address: https://etherscan.io/token/0x461733c17b0755ca5649b6db08b3e213fcf22546

  • Q: What if I am holding ATT?

    A: ATN foundation has committed to provide a solution for anyone holding ATT to convert their ATTs to ATNs in a ratio of 1: 1, plus long-term supporter bonus. The plan for the disposal of ATT tokens is as follows:
    1. At your earliest convenience, send the ATT tokens to the ETH address below: 0x699C9a45BDb018f9418ae32Ad419A2711FB9004d
    2. 3 months after the ATT has been sent, we will send an equivalent amount of ATN plus a 40% long-term supporter bonus in ATN to the same ETH address used to send the ATT.
    Attention: Please do NOT send the ATT to the conversion address from an exchange address! Or it may cause permanent loss of your ATT tokens! If you have questions, please contact contact@atn.io .

  • Q: How can I transfer my ATT in Bitshares to your locked-bounty contract address?

    A: The ATT in Bitshares must be withdrawn from Bitshares to your Ethereum wallet before you can send the ATT to the contract address. Please contact contact@atn.io or QQ #3423671619 before withdrawing.

  • Q: What if I am holding AGT?

    A: AGT Token Address: 0xed1eba8b87cd7e04e9389f65f7aeca750c85a010
    1:1 Exchange of AGT Tokens for ATN:
    ATN will be using ATN as the sole token for its projects to make it more convenient for business expansion and to carry out community operations. The ATN Foundation has decided that it will discontinue the use of the AGT (genesis) token, and to convert all AGT to ATN going forward.
    Therefore, the ATN Foundation will be freezing AGT transfers, and taking snapshots of AGT addresses. It will then use these snapshots to airdrop ATN for the equivalent amount of AGT in a 1:1 ratio. This process will be carried with the following timeline:
    1. On April 27th at 12:00PM (GMT+8), AGT will no longer be able to be transferred. A snapshot of the AGT addresses will be taken.
    2. Starting from April 27th at 12:00PM (GMT+8), we will distribute ATN to those who hold AGT in the ratio of 1:1 within 10 days.

  • Q: Is the ATN development team regularly contributing to and updating the GitHub code?

    A: Yes, ATN’s development team is actively developing and contributing code, however not all new updates are being immediately added to the GitHub open repository. We are taking this cautious approach because since ATN’s inception as the first blockchain and AI startup, we have observed new competitors copying our work. Detailed development progress can be found in our weekly progress updates published on our blog. We will release our full open repository when ATN 1.0 is launched.